We make every effort to provide our patients with the best value and highest quality treatment at all times.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

Our solid experience in the field and long list of previous projects completed demonstrate our reliability as a dental provider. By choosing our dental team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout your treatments. You can be sure that together we will drive your smile in the right direction.

General Dentistry

New Patient Examinations (with Xrays) : £55

Routine Examinations: £45

Implant Consultation £50



Bite Wings/ Periapicals: £15 each (Left & Right £30)

OPG: £50


Preventitive Care

Periodontal Treatment - £85

Air Abrasion - £150



Amalgam Fillings: From £75

Composite Fillings: From £120

Root Canal Treatment - £500

Extractions - from £80


Cosmetic Treatment

Veneers -     Porcelain From £350

E-Max - From £420

Crown -        Porcelain - From £400

Cerec/ E-Max - From 550

PFM - £350


Whitening -  Philips - £250

Enlighten - £600


Missing Teeth

Bridges: from £500 per unit

Denture: from £450

Flexi Denture: from £550

Immediate Temp Denture: from £350

Implant - from £2500


Cosmetic/ Aesthetic

Bonding: From £200 per tooth




Orthodontic & Teeth Whitening


Invisalign: From £3500



Night Guards

Soft -  £180

Hard - £210

Retainers: £240 (two arches)

Vivera Single Arch  - £250

Vivera Double Arch - £450


Teeth Whitening

Philips: £350

Enlighten: £600

Hygiene Therapy

Book an appointment for a private clean with our dental hygienist: £85

Want to join a Dental Plan?

A reliable and cost efficient Dental Cover 

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We want the best for your teeth. That's why we've put together some information about your visit to our clinic, preventative care and other dentistry issues.

Preventative care: check-up at least once a year

You should come for a check-up at least once a year to make sure that you are looking after your teeth properly and to have their condition checked. If you have sensitive teeth, it would be a good idea to have a check-up every six months.


Our tip: ask our advice and make your next appointment at the end of each visit.

Any further questions?

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